The Matekis
The first step: a cassette.

Paul's first release was a cassette titled "Paul Mateki", dedicated to his parents. He brought it out in 1992.
The songs on this cassette are:

Side 1 Side 2
Everything A Man Wants Long-Distant Lovin'
Two-Sided-One-Way love affair I Cry In My Sleep
Back To My Place She's Taking Your Place
She's Gone Late Night Diner (You Were There)
Heartbreakin' Woman


Temperatures Rising

Temperatures Rising.

Released on Misty Records in 1996, under Misty 779.
Songs on this album:

1. Temperatures Rising 7. Hey Mr. Jukebox
2. Quick Train 8. Friends forever
3. The man time forgot 9. Heart full of holes
4. Straight to the top 10. I cry in my sleep
5. Payin' my dues 11. Tall women
6. Like it ought to be 12. Headin' for you

Click here for Friends Forever, Hey Mr Jukebox, Quick Train and The Man Time Forgot

Across the Miles.

Paul's CD, "Across the Miles" was released on "Diamond Blue Records" in June 1998 under no. DBCD005
Songs on this CD:.

1. Across the Miles 7. God loves you, so do I
2. Expensive Toys 8. Rusty Nail
3. Zevenbergen (7 Mountain Memories) 9. What goes around
4. Between Dallas and Denver 10. Feelin' fine in Venray
5. I'm Right, You're Wrong, I win 11. The Tomorrow She Dreaded
6. Love Desperado

Sound samples:

Click here for Love Desperado and Feeling fine in Venray

Paul and Helen Mateki

So Strong

So Strong

We are proud to present Paul's "So Strong". This is also the title song of the CD. Both this song, as the entire CD, are dedicated to Helen Chelf, at that time Paul's fiance. (They got married October 21 2000.

1. So Strong 7. Walking in Her Light
2. Sedona 8. Only Time Will Tell
3. Don't be a Fool 9. Something this Guy won't do
4. Write it in your Heart 10. Harvest Time in Heaven
5. Nothing Looks the Same 11. Red Side of Town
6. Watch How I'm Listening 12. Dead Horses

A big thank you goes out to all the people who have helped to make this CD sound so great.
Naming just a few: Martin Moss and Chrissie Hammond, Rhonnie Scheuermann, David Thomason.
There are many more, and we thank you all!!

For samples from the new CD (in Real Audio), click here.
Paul has selected for you: So Strong, Nothing Looks The Same Anymore, Sedona, and Walking In Her Light


"Texasville" was released on "Usoft Records" in May 2001 under no. Usoft 0017.
Songs on this CD:.

1. Texas Shuffle 8. Something in the air
2. Mighty Fine Dog 9. Don't love mean forever anymore
3. In the Arms (of the one I love) 10. The right thing
4. Montana Cowboy 11. Comeback, Texas
5. There go my heartstrings again 12. Time is Short
6. Texasville 13. Listen to your heart
7. Practice for tomorrow 14. Texas Tall

Special guests on this album:
Helen Mateki on 'Time is Short' and 'Mighty fine dog'
Grand ole opry star Ernie Ashworth on 'Texas tall'
Sylvia Winters on 'Practice for tomorrow'
Download music from Texasville here.

Something to sing about.

"Something to sing about" was released in June 2003 on World Records.
Songs on this CD:.

1. Something to sing about 7. Our children are asking
2. When the river runs dry 8. My one and only
3. Peace 9. He misses the misses
4. Please don't let me let you go 10. None so blind
5. What went wrong 11. Best friends
6. We've got a love 12. Christmas dreamin'

Sound samples:

Click here for My one and only, Please don't let me let you go, and When the river runs dry.

When you are in Texas, you can find the CD's at all the Barnes and Noble stores.
CD's can also be purchased at the "Ernest Tubb Record Shop" in the Stockyards Station area of old Ft. Worth (Cowtown)

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Paul and Helen release exclusively with Western Hearts Promotions Compilations

How to order the CD's:

If you want to obtain these CD's, you can write to Paul Mateki personally in the USA:

Paul and Helen Mateki
1801 Winchester Way
Bedford TX 76022
e-mail: Paul Mateki

Each CD costs US$ 20, which includes postage and handling.

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