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Country Blues Artist Leon Blue, who has his first songs produced by Paul. Leon is signed with the Quicktrain Label, so welcome to Leon!

Visit Renie Petersons' LPS Records!

Greetings, salutations and Howdy!!
We are also on the pages of RADIO ETC. A wonderful country show, hosted by Eddie Bear, each week with a new show. Entirely broadcast in REAL-AUDIO!

Visit Eddie and tell him we sent you :o)

You can take a trip to the site of N.A.C.M.A.I.
What was that again? The North American Country Music Association International. They are really good about country music, you know. *grin*

And who can live without the wonderful voices of the ladies of country?
When you are through this site, why don't you pay them a visit on

Women of Country

When you are in Montana, and you need a nice place to stay, why not check out the Star Fire Farm Lodge of Montana. Paul is thrilled by the people who run that lodge, so it must be an okay place!

The Fort Worth Songwriter's Association

The music of Jamie Cutler Harper

Or visit Jaime Beaver's website

Visit Freddy Lovvorn, who sings a duet with Paul

Or see Music of the heart, a wonderful site by Juanita Ford.

Worth a good look: Western Hearts Promotions in Phoenix

Are you ready for music Live from Texas?

Enjoy the music of Kevin Shaw
Kevin Shaw

David Ball
Visit David Ball's site

Visit Angela Baker, and enjoy your stay there!

Visit Myra Pearce, for a taste of the big skies, and Montana Country

Go and listen to the music of Harold Rogers!

or go see Shelly Streeter

If you are ever in need of real estate in Phoenix, visit Sue Burkhart. She may be able to help you with what you're looking for!

Donnie Wallace
, a fine singer that definitely is worth a listen.

Have a look at what Billy Keeble has for you!

Another fine artist not to miss: Harold Crosby

Have you ever heard of Lee Sims? No? Well, you do now!

You may want to have a visit with Vicky Lee. Recommended when you like Gospel and Country!

Visit the site of new star Debbie Elam

Muedog magazine, for a good Country Read.

More friends of Paul: Don McRay
TD Baker

Visit Rodeo Bronzes if you are interested in the finest of Rodeo Bronze statues.

In need of a drummer? Ask for Ron Casey. "Have drums, will travel".

And here is the link to the site of another fine lady singer, Rustie Blue

Have a look at the Universal CMA Site

Paul records all his music at McClain's recording

Do you want to start as a musician? Do you want to know where to go? Check out The GiG Site!

The SVM Music Group

Visit The Great Milo Deering, who has accompanied Paul on many albums.

Ron Micklin is in Texas too.

Hart and Soul, a nice lady duo from Oregon!

Visit the site for the Standing on the Corner Festival in Winslow, Arizona.

Drop by David Cline, a friend of Paul and Helen.


Tracey K. Houston and Paul are good friends, who play music together at times

See the site of Lloyd Lindbeck if you like Gospel Music.

Showcase your talent on tv in Nashville, with Nashville On Stage

Here is a link to the site of Paul's buddy Doc Killian in Michigan.

Paul and Helen work with Arts for People.

Find out more about the Texas music office.

The American Legion

And then there is Erica Brooke

H&B Promotions
, for all your promotions too?

Here is the site of Andrew Dean.


Maggie Austin

Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully

Cindy Lu

Leon Seiter

Pete Schlegel

Skyla Spencer

Tresa Street

Shane Warner

Jimmie Wilson

Country Interviews Online

The Country Connection.

Lindsay Knight, from Ft. Collins, Colorado.

The Singing Christian Top List!

Artist and DJ Randolph Michaud, if you like a charity that gives 100% of proceed to those who need it.

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Australia Australia

Australian Country Music
The Australian Country Music Listeners association
awaits you!

Steve's massive country music roundup

Paul is known also by Ron Hoysted. G'day Mate!

Hi from John Slaven

A link to Australia's DJ Terry Phippen

Australia beckons: Country Review

Here is Craig Giles, Mr Versatile.

Visit Ian Muir.

Or go see Stephen Cheney.

Paul's mate Craig Byrne is not to be missed here.

You can pay a visit to Billy Bridge

Anyone that wants to help adopt a koala, please see the Koala hospital in Port Macquarie in Australia.

Here is the site of Garry Gosney.

Do visit Brenda-Lee Heathcote, who has written a song for Paul and Helen, which is on her CD "Light of Hope".

Have a listen to!

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Austria Austria

Featuring good friends from Paul:

Wells Fargo Crew

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Country is popular in Belgium as well:

Belgium Belgium

Visit the site of Geert van Lommel, Country Rare

For good country music and line dance based, visit The pride of Texas
Keep them boots moving, people!! Yeehaw!!

Check out Tin Wheel from Belgium

Tune into Double D RanchDoubleD Ranch

Visit René Guylline's Line dance classes
Or René's band, the Ropes

Paul's Belgian friend JJ Johns has his own site also. Visit and enjoy!

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Denmark Denmark

Meet a nice band from Denmark: Mr Jack and the Daniels!

Here is the page of Bjarne Hesselbjergaard

Claus Ringberg from Denmark has deserved a place here of course!

Rainbow Entertainment should be contacted for booking "The Mateki's" in Scandinavia.

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Germany Germany

Visit Paul and Sylvia(Sly) Eyres

Visit the COUNTRY JUKEBOX, run by Max Achatz

See Mandy Strobel. Paul met him in Berlin in Feb 2004.

A good place to be: Waldgasthaus Roewekamp.

The Bluebird shop banner
Bluebird shop
sells Pauls Music.

Paul stayed at the Badesee Lahde Bistro on his Europe 2004 tour!

Visit the site of the German Country Messe, where Paul is a well-seen guest.

This is Union Boots. Paul met them in 2004 in Kassel, Germany.

Don't miss Paul's good friend Matt Walker!

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Netherlands Netherlands

Check out the site of the DCDJA! The Dutch Country DJ Association is there for everyone in Holland who likes good country music. And the really really good thing is that, as far as I know, they all like Paul's Music!

While you are going around, take a look at the site of Peelgrass. It is managed by Rein Wortelboer, a friend of Paul, and host of the radio show with the same name.

Bert van der Wijst's

Peelstar Country Club
in Boxmeer Holland

And then there is Real Country from the Netherlands, with Abel from Swifterband.

Why not pay a visit to Eddy Lavreysen, especially when you are into country dancing!

Visit the site of Chris, Audi and Wim, great friends of Paul, DJ's til they die and really nice people :-)

The Netherlands also tell you about

Real Country

For dutch fans:
Visit Dick and Ingrid's work from Arnhem.

Here is a link to
ICP banner
Internet Country Promotions

Visit the site of Jody Lynn Mitchell. Paul wrote two songs with her.

Joyce Ramgatie, Middelburg, the Netherlands

Always good music, on terneuzen fm!

The good people of Radio Stardust also play the music of the Matekis. Give them a listen, and tell them Paul and Helen sent you!

Visit Radio Nashville International, on air starting January 2nd 2012!

Visit John van Rheinland's music site!

And Crossroads Country Radio (CCR), with 24/7 all kinds of country!

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Norway Norway

Visit the biggest country music club in Norway

Paul's norwegian pal Arly has a site too now.

Here is the site of Oagee Nordheim!

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Sweden Sweden

Country Music Halland

The Western Satellites!

Nelson's StageCoach!

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Britain UK and British Isles

Why not visit Paul's friends, Martin Moss and Chrissie Hammonds

Country music and dance in Scotland and Ireland

Or you can have a look in the country kitchen of UK country D.J. Ray Grundy at Metrocountry. He did an interview with Paul on the So Strong tour.

Bandstand-Promoting british country music

When you are in Scotland, Lochbroom Radio in Ullapool might be for you!

Brendan Monaghan has site of his own also!

Scotland has its country music scene too. Check out Country Music Scotland!

Get into the music, at from Scotland!!

One of the finest Country Magazines in England is Southern Country Magazine

Thatch Records, for performers who are looking for a record label...

Here is a link to Duncan Ferguson's site

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Visit Canadian singer Joyce Seamone

here you are. Joanne Myrol has country for all who want to hear.

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Radio Waves International

Country lives in France at Pure Country

The French Country Music Magazine

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Hello Switzerland, Radio Val de Morteau, at 104.6 FM, is there for you!

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The European Country Music Association, ECMA

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The Country Radio Network from New Zealand

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