Dance to Paul Mateki's Music

Paul Mateki
Dance to the music

This page is dedicated to all the line dancers that dance around the world.

For all the hand-clapping, foot-stomping, shuffling and grape-vining people out there, we have done our best to find the best dances to be done to Paul Mateki's music.
We're sure that there are more possibilities, so if you know of any more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who are 'we'? We are Simone Topham from the Lakes Stompers and Paul Kater from the Silver Eagles Original, both line dancers. Simone took care of selecting most of the dances for you all, and I (Paul) made sure that they find their place on the web.
We hope you enjoy the dances!!

What CD are you checking out? The choices are:

Something to sing about   Texasville   So Strong   Across the Miles   Temperature's rising

Here are the dances for Something to sing about.
Album Track Dance Count-in
Something to sing about Louisiana Hot Sauce 16
When the River runs Dry North Side Cha Cha 16
Peace Listening music
Please don't let me let you go Say you Love me
Back Track
What went wrong North Side Cha Cha 16
We've got a love Rita's Waltz
Butterfly Waltz (partners)
Our children are asking Just a kiss 16
My One and Only Ribbon of Highway 32 on main intro
He misses the Misses Forever Friends
Kiss in the Dark
None so blind The Promise 12
Best Friends One Step Forward
Country Club
Christmas Dreamin' Sway (Partners) on 4, or 2nd bells on 20

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Here are the dances for Texasville.
Album Track Dance Count-in
Texas Shuffle Tulsa Shuffle (partner) or similar 24
Mighty Fine Dog Grundy Gallop 8
In the Arms (of the one I love) Ribbon of Highway (line or partner) 32 - on vocals
Montana Cowboy Midnight Waltz 24
There go my heartstrings again Western Barn Dance (partner)
East Coast Swing (Line)
4 - on vocals
Texasville Listening music
Practice for tomorrow East Coast Swing 16 from start
Something in the air Walk the Line
Texas Lone Star (oldie)
All week long
Start on vocals
Don't love mean forever anymore Lamtarra Rhumba
Canadian Stomp
The right thing Listening music
Comeback, Texas Picnic Polka (fast) 8
Time is Short Smokey Places 32
Listen to your heart Scotia Samba 16
Texas Tall Western Barn Dance or Side Kick (Partner) 20

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So Strong
Here are the dances for So Strong

Album Track Dance Count-in
So Strong Listening music
Sedona Sedona (Line) 32: start on 'check into'
Don't be a Fool Rock around the Clock (Line)
Stitch it up (Line)
Write it in your Heart Waltz 24
Nothing Looks the Same Picnic Polka (Line) 16
Watch How I'm Listening Diamond Dollar Cha Cha (Line) or similar 16
Walking in Her Light Listening music
Only Time Will Tell Backtrack (Line) 24: start on vocals
Something this Guy won't do Rebel Strut (Partner)
Just a Memory (Line)
Harvest Time in Heaven Sway (Partner) 32
Red Side of Town Grundy Gallop (Line) 16
Dead Horses Cruisin (Line) 24

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Across the Miles
Here are the dances for Across the Miles

Album Track Dance Count-in
Across the Miles J'ai du Boogie
Ribbon of Highway
Expensive Toys Tango with the Sheriff
Makin' Tracks
Louisiana Lou
Zevenbergen B J Shuffle 32
Between Dallas and Denver Belt Buckle Boogie
Honky Tonk Daddy
I'm right HorseShoe or Sway (both partner) 20, start on vocals
Love Desperado Boogie Woogie ChooChoo Train
Virginia County Line
God loves you Haunted Heart
The Shadow (partner)
Rock around the Clock
Rusty Nail Cowboy up! 32
What goes around Listening
Feelin' fine Tropicana Cha Cha 16
The Tomorrow she dreaded Madly off in all directions
Long Legged Hannah

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Temperature;s Rising
Here are the dances for Temperature's Rising
Please note that these are not reviewed by Simone yet...
and she's the expert around here!

Album Track Dance Count-in
Temperature's Rising La Cucaracha 32
Quick Train Texas Lone Star
Fancy Feet
Rock around the Clock
The man time forgot The Sway (partner) 16
Straight to the top Cripple Creek
Hot Love
Roadshow Shuffle
Payin' my dues Just wanna dance (partner)
Smokey places
Boogie 'n' Boots
20, start on vocals
Like it ought to be Indian Outlaw
Ain't goin' down
Mr. Jukebos Listening
Friends forever Hot Footin' 32
Hole in my heart Believable 16 (start count
at electric guitar
Crying in my sleep Single waltz
Waltz across Texas
Tall Women Silverado
That's my story
Heading for you Macura Walk
I love you
Just for Grins

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