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Hi Paul and Helen
Thanks for your email and the mp3. I love your music, having previously had access to WHP CDs I have some of your songs and have already played a few on previous shows. I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Best wishes...

Ann Fraser
Compass FM New Zealand

Paul and Helen gave a great performance at Parkwood Healthcare,Bedford,TX 02/16/12. I was pleased to hear it while being there visiting at the February birthday party of my mother. Paul and Helen do a great job performing on a wide variety of music,ranging from country to folk to rock. Folks, this couple is special, a very special talent to hear and see in front of groups, because they interact so well and so easily with the audience and they have great talent.

Charles Griffin

The Matekis are a great act, and it's always my pleasure playing their music. Currently on our playlist are 2 of their songs, 'Sedona' & 'Late Night Diner'. Both are great songs.

Jerry Mac, "The Country Music Planet."

Dear Paul & Helen,
Thanks for such great music. Your music is certainly the right type for my Sunday night program and it will get plenty of spins.
Thanks so much again

Barry "Big Gun" Cannon
4KIG Network, 107.1 FM Townsville, Australia

"Paul & Helen are two of the greatest people I've had the privilage to work with in the past and are two of the nicest, most understanding people this music industry will ever get to know....I'm just proud to be able to call them my friends!! Bless them both. By the Way...I love their music."

Lou Nelson
Texas Drover Records
Lou Nelson Promotions.

Hi Paul and Helen: Enjoy the EMERALD AWARDS, you richly deserve them. Find more wall space, knowing your talent, it is my distinct please sending more as you show up on the Worldwide charts. Love ya both..and always happy to promote you, and your great songs and talent. Hugs,

Rhonnie (Scheuerman)

Dear Paul & Helen...
Great song!!! Sounds wonderful... very professional and I just LOVE IT!
Will add to playlist for Thursdays' show.
God bless... and best wishes for unequaled success!

Gracie Muldoon, DJ, Ohio. (About "Where do I go from Her")

".......I am loving the music very, VERY much. The Mateki's album "Something to Sing About" is absolutely beautiful...the music, the harmony vocals, the words...awesome album!...and the "Texasville" album is so great!!!...Still haven't gone through the two others, but something is telling me that I'm gonna be very pleased! You guys are terrific!!!"

DJ Esther Berlanga, Radio Ronda, Malaga, Spain

Hi Paul and Helen,
You people are amazing. Here is another chart and you are in the top ten again.
Congratulations to you both.
Yours in country
Brian Amos
Radio Eastern 98.1
Croydon Victoria Australia

Brian Amos

Hi Paul, Hi Helen
You've done a real great job on "Headin' for you". Even (the late) Boxcar Willie couldn't have done a better "Train Whistlin'" than Helen.
In excitement I'm looking forward to receive your CDs. Thanks a lot for sending them. As soon as I get them I'll let you know.
All the best from Hof -keep it country!

DJ Doc Schulze (DJ Hof, Germany)

Hi Paul...This is really great PR on your part! Remember when I told you I first heard "Across The Miles" and just flipped? It's one of the greatest, easy-to-listen-to songs I've ever heard...definitely displays your talent and thoughts to a "T". Since then, you've added a lot of great stuff to your repertoire, along with a very fine singer...Helen. Two songs that really speak up for both of you for me are "Please don't Let Me Let You Go" and "Standing On The Rock". What counts for me these days is seamless delivery, tracks and message. That's the way hits are born! Keep up the good work. I'm proud to say you've cut many of my songs. With my very best best wishes and love...

Renie Peterson, Washington

Thank you very much for the two albums and liners that you sent, they are great. I told you before that you guys are great together because she has a beautiful voice.

DJ Chris & Erma Hill, Australia

You and Helen are one of the most requested singers with our audiences. You are our hero and we love so much your great voice and style. Your music is a perfect combination of traditional and modern country music. You sound fantastic. You have a bunch of very talented musicians. Love that dobro licks. Your yodeling ability is superb. Both supporting ladies sound so fine and compliment your unique voice and style. It`s such a beautiful blend of fine voices and music.
(2 nov 2004)

CM d. j. - Miroslaw Desperak, Czestochowa, Poland

Brieses review of "Something to sing about" - Mateki, Helen & Paul

(German review from 2003)

Pro: Guarantee for a good mood and optimum wellbeing
Con: ---

The CD "Something to sing about" of the couple Helen & Paul Mateki was sent to me by them a while ago. Reason for this was the european tour for this year. I would bet that at best one or two people have ever heard these names, all the others pull a "???", right?
In younger years gone to Texas, Paul always was faithful to his style, being music coming from the heart and telling stories from real life. In his wife Helen he now found the "lid to the pan".
On the new CD one can wonderfully hear how brilliantly Helen and Paul complement each other, not only in real life, but also in music.
What "stung" me with enthusiasm in most titles was the warm sound of the "upright Bass" (= Kontrabass) to the ear. This warm sound has something!!
They also thought of Christmas, with track #12, "Christmas Dreamin'". One can dream about what you would wish: Peace, luck, happiness, health and good friends of course, and always some Euros in the bank... Perhaps this CD is a good Christmas Tip for one or the other among you? Fabulous it is really!!
Cover-Design: Good
Soundquality: Excellent
How long to listen: Never bores
Occasion: Always right
How often to use: As often as possible
This release is: The artists best so far
Purchase tip: Recommendable
Grade: 5 stars


Hi Paul,
Just received the new February Hotdisc and WOW, what a great song you have in STANDING ON THE ROCK. In fact I gave it Excellent and 10 marks and will most definitely play it many times

Vince Laus, Radio 1, Malta.

Hello Paul&Helen,
I have just had the most amazing morning on air. I played your track "Peace" and both my phones rang hot.Thought you might like to know how it was received down here.

Maureen Chambers, Coffs harbor, Australia.

Hello Paul
I have just received a compilation CD with your latest Single "Peace" on it. It is another smash single from you, which (of course) will get airplay on our radio shows.

Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, Germany.

I'm so thrilled at your brilliant success Paul. It's great to see you climbing the charts so well. You are such an excellent, polished country artist. I do look forward to receiving more cds from you.

Kiwi Kate, New Zealand.

Your cds arrived this morning in time for me to air them. By golly gosh you're good. I really enjoyed along with my listeners listening to your well written tracks and amazing vocals. This is such a professional act right down to the last dot. Spun "so Strong and "Dead Horses" for a taste.

Kiwi Kate, Radio Woodville, New Zealand.

Dear Paul and Helen, have managed to listen to "So Strong" and I loved it so much I just listened to it again and it is my review album for this Sunday's Cowboys & Angels 12/1/03. My favourite tracks on this Album are "So Strong" - Sedonna - Write it In My Heart - Something This Guy Won't Do - Only Time Will Tell - Harvest Time In Heaven - Nothing Looks The Same, well to be honest I really like all the tracks and cannot wait to listen to "Across The Miles" and Texasville.

Sheena Guy, Lochbroom FM Scotland

Dear Paul,
thank you so much for your wonderful CDs and promo kit (arrived today).
I have been playing the "So Strong" album since it arrived and just love it, in fact all the tracks are great and you can be sure they will get plenty of air play on my program.

Bill "Sax Man" Bodell, Radio Foxton, new Zealand.

Dear Paul& Helen,
I was so suprised when I open my letterbox this morning,What I saw is a cd from the best countrysinger at the world, my number 1. "When the river runs dry",is song is very very good.
The picture with you both is great so beautiful.
Thank you Paul and Helen for all what you do for us.

Anita van Genechten, Radio Bevel, Belgium

Hi Paul & Helen
How are you both, busy as usual we suppose. We just want to thank you for the wonderful CD that arrived today. We have played it at home tonight and we both think it is fantastic, all the tracks are wonderful but especially "Please Don't Let Me Let You Go", the harmonys are fantastic.
We will take it to air tomorrow night and give it a good thrashing, so watch our playlist.
We feel very honoured to be some of the chosen few to receive this CD, that means a lot to us both.(humble Kiwis)

Marlene and Robin Lamb, Radio Woodville, New Zealand

Hi Paul and Helen,
Your wonderful CD's have arrived today and I am listening to them at present while writing this to you. You certainly have alot going for you and I love the music very much. Thankyou so much for your support.
I am listening to Christmas time with yourself and Helen which is just so lovely. I will be able to play some different but great christmas music this year. On the "So Strong" album I love "Write it in your Heart" and " Walk in her light".
Thankyou to you both so much, love the albums very much and will be featuring you this Sunday on my show.

Radio Presenter
QBN-FM 96.7 we play the best of everything.........we are sure going to be adding our best too.

Paul and Helen, Just a quickie tonight to let you know that I have received your and Helen's new CD titled:
and you know what - that is actually my favourite song on the album.
Thanks heaps for sending me a promo copy and you are right - the whole album is just great. I really like it a lot!

Trudy Burke, WYN FM, Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Paul and Helen
Many thanks for the promotional material and cd's which arrived in the post today. We have listened to all 3 and you guys are just awesome. We will definitely be featuring your music and know that it will be well received.
All the very best and God Bless

Kim and Tony Stewart,
My Kind of Country
Radio Foxton- 99.1FM (NZ)

Paul...It sounds great....your other album were wonderfull but this one...rocks the sky...
This album is a good example of your mariage....harmony....
The voice of Helen as background give the music more volume.
For people who would still have doubts about the voice of Helen...well "Please don't let me let you go" should pull them over the line.

Jesse Woodson James, VBRO Radio, Belgium

Paul, your music belongs up there with the best of them, the latest CD from you and Helen is fantastic....!!

Ray Grundy, Metro Country, England.

Hi Paul,
Received your CD "ACROSS THE MILES".......Lovely voice!!!!....lovely songs!!!.....lovely production!!!!!
Also loved your Promo CD.....lovely again!!!!!!

Leslie King, songwriter, England.

Dear friends.
I've just recieved your CD "Something to Sing About" today and after listening to it, I can only say ....WOW!!!.... iT'S GREAT! Your singing was perfect and Helen did a very fine harmony. Airplays will be giving!!!

Holger Peterson, Sonder-Felding, Denmark

Hello Texas
It`s sunday morning, the weather is fine, I`m in the mood because, I`ve got Something to Sing About, we`re still Best Friends, while Our Children are Asking why can`t we live in PEACE ??
And to Helen I will say Please Don`t Let Me Let You Go, I hope I`ll never had to ask What Went Wrong, because We`ve Got a Love, My One and Only blonde, and I can understand when Paul is on tour he`ll sometime sings He Misses the Misses, None So Blind or he can see the love between you both.
Let`s hope that about the love you`ll never had to sing When the River Runs Dry, because love is not alone an inspiration of writing beautiful songs, it`s also necessary to keep you happy and make life worth living.
Well I`ll guess I don`t need to say I often listen to the new album, and enjoying it, the songs, and you`re right number 2 is also a favorite to me, and I must confirm, listening to number 4, that the blonde can really sing, have an extra impact caused by the Bluegrass touch, Ye man I really liked it, while writing this the Cd is in my player and I can assure you that won`t be the last time, no way

Henny De Pater, Fijnaart, Holland.

....from the great entrance with the lively "Something To Sing About," to the fine duet with Freddy Lovvorn, there's plenty fodder on there for the Metro Country playlists. I particularly like "Please Don't Let me let You Go". Is that Helen taking lead vocal on that one? What a great voice!!

Ray Grundy, Metro Country Radio, England.


Len Ford, OBAN FM 103.3 ;SCOTLAND

Hi Paul and Helen,
you have a great sound, I am sure the listeners on 'Access Radio' will enjoy your music too.

Fred Paul, Access Radio, New Zealand.

Hi Paul, Hi Helen,
"Thanks for sending your latest album" Something To Sing About". What a wonderful album."
Where did you record it and who're the musicians on this album.
Thanks also for the press, charts, picture and bio. You're a nice couple and your voices match very good.
Please watch our playlist for the spins.
God bless the both of you.
Hope to see ya soon.
Best regards from Texas Radio.
Your Dutch compadres:

Eddy & Ria.

Hi Paul & Helen,
I have just today recieved WHP 34 and I am sitting here listening to it and I just had to write to say that the song "Please don't let me let you go" is absolutely fantastic. You both should make the top of the charts with that one. I love it so it will get lots of airplay from me. I have done my programme for Sunday but I am going to take it with me and slip in instead of one of your other songs. If I have time I will play "our children are asking" as that is what I had programmed for Sunday.
Congratulations to you both for such a lovely song that is absolutely sung from the heart.........WOW I know what I will request at Mildura, even though I know it will be a solo which is such a pity for I would love to meet Helen too.....

WOW, WOW that is just how I feel and I know it will go down very well.
Your Friend and keep it flowing like that.

Beth Brown, Australia

"These guys are absolutely awesome,and a pleasure to listen and air there music."

From Dj's Kim and Tony, Australia.

Hi Paul & Helen,
Congratulations on your most recent charts success. It is great music you present and it is no wonder you are up there with the best.Keep up the good work.
Yours in country

Brian Amos, Radio Eastern 98.1 --- Australia

......cant wait to play the albums....and WOWWWWWWWWW they are great. I just love your songs and singing, you guys make a great team.

Loraine Washburn in Dallas, Georgia

Hello my friends Paul and Helen,
I have visited your website and I am very impressed. You have a fantastic site. Your songs are fantastic. I would be honored to play your great music on our site.

Ed Gowens, "Echota Records," Georgia

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